EPM 111 Series Solid State Power Controller

This LEACH Solid State Power Controller (SSPC) employs the latest micro-controller and Power FET technology incorporated into a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The EMP-111 features non-derated switching for all types of load, while protecting against overload and short circuit. It features Built In Test (BIT) that verifies all critical functions at start-up and during operation. It is designed for operation in 28 VDC systems with a full rating of 2 channels of 60 Amps


  • 2 channel rated at 60 Amps to 85°C
  • Power up and continuous BIT
  • Serial data bus interface
  • Programmable ratings (25%, 50%, and 75% of the rated value) and trip parameters
  • Bounce free switching
  • Fast acting
  • Low voltage drop and power dissipation
  • Software-based design for added configuration
  • High voltage isolation