Control Devices

LEACH control devices include fixed and adjustable AC/DC time delay, solid-state time delay, programmable time delay devices, and RCCBs. As well as a variety of power monitors and sensors available for timing, sensing, and protection of current, voltage, frequency and phase.

TD-1436 Control DeviceOn Operate-Adjustable1PST (SSO)
TD-1412 Control DeviceRepeat Cycle-Timer1PST (SSO)
TD-1435 Control DeviceOn Operate-Adjustable1PST (SSO)
TDH-1609 Control Device0.15ATime delay on operate fixed0.15A@28VDC, 1PNO (SSO)
TDH-1610 Control Device0.15ATime delay on Release fixed0.15A@28VDC, 1PNO (SSO)
TDH-7060/7061 Control Device10AOn operate-adjustable period10A@28VDC, 4PDT
TDH-7050/7051 Control Device10AOn operate-fixed period10A@28VDC, 4PDT
TDH-6070/6071 Control Device10ATime delay on release fixed10A@28VDC, 2PDT
TDH-6050/6051 Control Device10ATime delay on operate fixed10A@28VDC, 2PDT
TDH-8070/8071 Control Device10AOn release-fixed period10A@28VDC, 2PDT
TDH-8050/8051 Control Device10AOn operate-fixed period10A@28VDC, 2PDT
TDH-8060/8061 Control Device10AOn operate-adjustable period10A@28VDC, 2PDT