TDH-8070/8071 Control Device

The TDH-8070/71 Time Delay Relays have been designed with thick film hybrid microelectronics timing circuits and MIL-PRF-6106 relays, packaged in a hermetically sealed military style enclosure. The TDH-8070/71 series are qualified to MIL-R-83726/29 and designed to withstand severe environmental conditions encountered in military/aerospace applications. These relays are suited for use in power control, communication circuits and many other applications where power switching and high reliability are required over a wide temperature range.

Small size and weight
High-reliability design
Hermetically sealed
High transient immunity
Reverse Polarity Protection
Adjustable Time Delays


  • Seal: Hermetically Tested per MIL-STD-883, Method 1014 1×10-6 atm, cm3/s max leakage
  • Finish: per MIL-T-10727 Tin/lead Plate
  • Terminals: TDH 8070 (Gold Plate) Plug-In TDH 8071 (Tin Lead Plate) Solder-lug
  • Weight 2.5 oz. MAX