Power Distribution

“Design-to-safety” electronics i.e., optimized architecture to achieve the safety objectives of the equipment specifcations

BITE features such as Fully Automatic Power On Built-in-Test (PBIT), Continuous Built-in-Test (CBIT) and Initiated Built-in-Test (IBIT)

Accurate I²t over-current and short circuit protection with thermal memory and fully compliant (or better than) thermal circuit breaker trip curve

Reprogrammable trip curves

Various communication buses (ARINC 429, CAN, RS422/485, MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet buses, etc.) for internal use, and for communication with man/machine interface, aircraft central computer, and other aircraft equipment

Load reporting and management such as load shedding, soft start for specific loads (light), and current measurement

Zero Voltage turn-on, Zero Current Turn-off (AC Device)

Synchronization between 3 phases for AC SSPCs (any phase trip will trip all phases)

Current threshold and delay for actuator overload protection

Programmable time delay on operate or release

Fail-safe functions

Optional arc fault detection

Very low heat dissipation using solid state technology