P600 Solid State Power Controller

The P800 device specified herein is a solid state power controller offering combined switching, protection and status reporting features. The status signals are implemented using opto-isolators to give galvanic isolation between the controlling and power circuits. Internal power supplies are derived from a DC/DC converter fed by the CONTROL POWER input, also maintaining galvanic isolation. The protection afforded by these devices is detailed on page 8: Trip Curve. When the load current exceeds this envelope the device will trip, resulting in removing line voltage from the load. The status of the load current and output power FED Gate are reported by discrete status output lines.


  • Power FET output
  • Low voltage drop
  • Built-in overload and short circuit protection
  • Trip-free characteristics
  • Load status indictor
  • Trip indicator
  • Optically isolated (500 Vrms)
  • MTBF = 62,000
  • Full rated current up to 90° C
  • Fast response